Getting Started

Twitter chats are a great way to create a community. It allows you to build a network, exchange and debate ideas, ask for help, find new resources and take action.

But it can be a challenging, overwhelming and confusing platform – especially since it’s so fast-paced. We’ve put together this guide to walk you through participating in a #SciCommNZ discussion.

1. Join

Sign in to Twitter at 8.30pm on the second Wednesday of every month. Check out our calendar on the website to see upcoming chat information, including themes, dates, hosts, and featured participants.

*There may be occasional deviations to this schedule for slow chats over a week.  Don’t worry though- follow us on Twitter and you’ll know what we’re up to.

2. Follow

Follow the #SciCommNZ & #SciCommNZQ hashtags and the @SciCommNZ account for updates throughout the chat. We highly recommend using Tweet Deck to do this as it allows you to set up various columns to follow a certain account or hashtag.

3. Contribute

The host will ask a series of questions using the hashtag #SciCommNZQ (Q for questions). You can follow these on the @SciCommNZ account. They will start with “Q” then the number (e.g Q1). To answer, include “A” then the number (e.g. A1), your answer, and the #SciCommNZ hashtag so others can find your contribution to the discussion.